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New America is coming...

And it isn’t pretty.  Foreseeing a collapse so severe that it will cause us to start numbering our economic depressions, Edgar J. Steele paints the image of an America rarely seen in mainline media: ripped apart by racial strife, seething with resentment and verging on open warfare in the city streets.

Methodically constructing the case for acknowledging the racial differences embedded in our DNA, to which he refers as “culture gone to seed,” Steele blows the cover off the conspiracy for the New World Order which is turning America into a police state and rendering her electoral process meaningless.

As the world relentlessly marches into World War III, the plans of the elite for America’s subjugation to third-world status will falter, with America breaking apart along racial lines.

Steele conjures the vision of a New America, rising Phoenix-like from the ashes and resurrecting the principles of liberty and personal freedom upon which she originally was founded, all the while charting a clear, easy to follow path for the individual through the coming chaos.

Bold, powerful and persuasive, Defensive Racism weaves a compelling argument to deal with racial differences we all recognize, yet pretend not to notice.

Selected Book Reviewer Comments:

Mark Farrell (writer, researcher and videographer):  "...his book...will assist in the racial healing of America...If you read just one book this year, let it be Steele's. You won't regret it...Go out and buy a case of this book, and give a copy to everyone you know." (more)

Dr. Ed Fields (Editor/Publisher, The Truth at Last):  "Defensive Racism by Edgar J. Steele covers every aspect of the race crisis in America...Mr. Steele is perhaps the most dynamic speaker and writer in the right wing." 

Don Harkins (Editor, The Idaho Observer):  "It takes the entire issue of race and all the things we are not supposed to talk about and flops them up on the table...extremely engaging...The fact that it is a "fun" read completely took me by surprise...a valuable work..." (more)

Ben Parker (Redneck philosopher and National Vanguard writer):  "You are sure to enjoy Edgar Steele's new book, Defensive Racism...humorous, interesting, and fun to read...first-rate and authoritative...Everyone who wants to be informed about race relations in America today will treasure his new book. (more)

Michael C. Piper (AFP correspondent, Author of Final Judgment and The High Priests of War):  "An eye-opening and honest, no-holds-barred look at race relations in America today...a remarkable tapestry...will stimulate lively and thought-provoking discussion...this is an author who has an uncanny ability to lay out the bottom line in a folksy, engaging fashion" (more)  "...one of this country's most eloquent voices for a rational approach to the most difficult issues facing America today...should be read by as many Americans—and people worldwide—as possible." (more)

Michael J. Polignano (Writer):  "... compulsively readable, incisive in its analysis, and deft in its marshalling of factual evidence. But Defensive Racism communicates more than just facts. It also communicates a sense of urgency and the necessity to do something to prepare for America's now-inescapable fate. Defensive Racism is so good, I would recommend it to my own mother." (more)

Billy Roper (Chairman, White Revolution):  "...you’ll learn everything you need to know about the last century of world history in one chapter, "World War III," more than you would in three or four graduate-level History courses... I got more out of his chapter “Money’s End Game: Depression II” than I ever did from college..." (more)

Dr. Fredrick Töben (Director, Adelaide Institute) "...penetrating analysis of actual current and historical events...clear and logical...authoritative...Steele paints a disturbing scenario...even if you are not White, its content will illuminate for you what ails current USA...get the book because it’s well worth its price." (more)

Aaron Turpin (the "Militant Libertarian")"This is a book that everyone should read, regardless of your racial outlook and beliefs...This book is about more than just racism.  It's about our nation's current lack of tolerance and suppression of diversity in the name of tolerance and diversity...It's about the New World Order and who's really behind it and how it will pan out." (more)

Selected reader comments:  

"Your book is painful and scary, but it's like an enema for the Patriotic Movement:  long overdue."  -- Ernst Zundel, 11/26/04 (speaking from the Canadian gulag)
"Comprehensive enough to awaken anyone who isn't determined to keep their minds closed to reason."  -- David Lane, 11/18/04  (speaking from the American gulag)
"You gave me a stimulating punch of Anglo-Saxon patriotism."  -- Cdr. Steve Edson, 12/13/04
"...buy this book - now.  The chapters dealing with money and economics are worth the cost alone." -- Matt Spencer, 1/7/05

"...the most important that I have read in a very long time." -- Laurie, 11/11/04

"Defensive Racism is a literary educational masterpiece...and should be read by every free thinking White man, woman and child all across the globe.  Indeed destined to be, the cure for blindness."  -- Pastor Morris L. Gulett, http://www.churchofthesonsofyhvh.org, 11/4/04  
"...entertaining and easy to read...yet very to the point.  I was surprised to see my teenage daughter reading the book at a friend's house and complaining because we didn't have a copy so she could finish reading it.  Now that's an endorsement of an engaging writing style!...not a book about racial intolerance but rather a plea for racial understanding, a realistic look at race and what we need to do to make our country better...very understandable and very persuasive.  I highly recommend this book." -- "Marcus Aurelius," posted on Amazon.com 10/31/04

"I read the book overnight and could not put it down. I have been taught this kind of thing all my life by my parents but this is the first time I have ever seen it in print like this." -- Heather Collins, 11/1/04

"I have been reading your book, and can hardly put it down...Your summary of the two world wars and the first depression are the best I have read, as you give the reasons behind these events, which have never been very clear until now...You are doing a magnificent service for those of us who are struggling to understand what is happening in this republic." -- Douglas Whiddon, 10/30/04
I have just finished reading your book.  It is excellent...I think your book is the book for the current times for anyone wanting enlightenment." -- Kenneth Wade, 10/29/04 

"Much more than I expected..." -- Fred Wahlstrom, 10/21/04

"...everyone in this country ought to read it..."  --  Hazel Poole, 10/28/04

"The book is well done, a useful weapon for counterpropaganda." -- Harvey Taylor, 2/13/05

"Great Book.  God bless you." -- Ed Palubinskas, 2/7/05

"It was worth the money."  -- TRM, 1/27/05

A Long Overdue Rebuttal Of Marxist Political Correctness...Prepare to have the blinders removed when you read this one!  -- "Henry Ford 'Dearborn,'" posted on Amazon.com 12/19/04

"...reading 'Defensive Racism' - a masterpiece!  A sad, sad thing but a masterpiece nevertheless..." -- D. Jack Smith, 11/27/04

"...not just a dry rehash of genetic racial differences or subversive Jewish influence in America but an entertaining and easy- to- read book about current situations that affect us all." -- Paul Grove, 11/12/04

More, please, Sir...Edgar Steele has credibility.  Period...purchase the book directly from the author so that the first edition will be signed; that will be worth something some day...Buy two copies...you'll want both to lend one and keep the other close at hand.   -- James Clayton (California), posted on Amazon.com 1/18/05

"Got your book and loving it."  --  James  Seumas, 10/28/04 

"...Steele has written a book that explains what racism really is, and if it is natural, and what is in store for America.  I highly recommend this book.  I found his writing style very easy to read and understand, and basically, I believe that he speaks and writes the truth...something not heard in the mainstream media..." -- Bob Stewart, posted on Amazon.com 10/27/04 

"(His) best writing ever...Bold and ultra-controversial..." -- Jonathon, 9/28/04

"Steele writes with a blowtorch." -- Tony, 10/5/04

"A real eye opener.  As usual, Edgar Steele does his homework and leads us in the right direction." -- L. Giarratano, posted on Amazon.com 11/01/04 

"Wow!  What a well-written book.  Thought provoking, extremely informative and I loved the way you called a spade a spade."  -- Madelyn Burley-Allen, Founder, Dynamics of Human Behavior, 11/29/04

  • Do racial differences really exist?

  • Is racism ever justified?

  • What is racism, anyway?

  • Race War? In America?

  • Is racial separation inevitable?

Defensive Racism boldly and clearly explains:

  • How racial differences make a difference.

  • Illegal immigration – death of a nation.

  • Practicing defensive racism without being racist.

  • America gone mad – the emerging police state.

  • No accidents, no coincidence – why things happen.

  • The New World Order – America writ large?

  • Why WWIII is coming – why it will end badly.

  • Why gold will survive the death of the dollar.

  • Emerging intact from the coming economic disaster.

  • Staying safe in America – tomorrow’s “no-go” zones.

Two types of people will pick up this book because of its title:

  • those who support racism in some form

  • those who oppose racism in any form

Both will be surprised to find something here for them.

Only the true racist who hates others irrationally, based solely upon skin color, will go away empty handed.

Reader & Reviewer Comments On-line Excerpts Order the book
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Copyright © 2004 Edgar J. Steele